Eva Marcille tells fans what is the best gift they can offer at these parties


Eva Marcille is showing fans what her friends can get for this Christmas. Check out his post he shared with his fans and followers on IG below.

& # 39; Happy holidays !!! (protected email) _cbd Giving the gift of a #NaturalHealthyAlternative is the best gift you can give. Quickly begin the journey towards a healthier life. Our products are high power and formulated for optimal absorption. No toxins, no herbicides, no pesticides. Products you can trust with your loved ones. Get a 30% discount on your entire order with the promotion code: CEVAD2020 ", Eva subtitled her publication.

Apart from this, a few days ago, Eva also made sure to share an exciting plan for early 2020:

‘The Rickey Smiley Morning Show !!!! We are changing formats! I hope you are ready by January 6, 2020, when we debut a new edition of #RSMS! "Eva subtitled her post.

Someone said: mg Omg! Good! My trip to work is boring without you on the radio, "and another follower posted this:" Tell Ricky Smiley to stop mistreating his grandson, please, that child does not look happy. "

Another follower said: "That is my birthday, so it will be successful!" #CapSeason ❤️ ’and someone else responded to a group of followers who desperately asked where Porsha Williams is and posted this:" @ porsha4real is part of the DishNation Show, not the RSMS. "

In other news, Eva shared some new photos on her social media account with her two children, and the children couldn't be more adorable than this.


Her fans and followers say that Mikey looks like her and her other son, Maverick is twinning with his father.

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