Cody Simpson's sister addresses the rumors that tricked Miley Cyrus and that they are over!


Spending time with the Playboy model, Jordy Murray, generated rumors that Cody Simpson had cheated on Miley Cyrus and that people wondered if they were still together or not. Now, the Australian singer's sister, Alli Simpson, is addressing the rumors, making it very clear that the two remain an article.

In response to the concerns of rupture coming from fans, Alli assured everyone during an interview with Daily Mail Australia that "yes (they are) together safely."

They also asked about the couple's Christmas plans and, although he refused to reveal them, he mentioned that they definitely did not include her.

"I will spend Christmas and holidays on the coast with my family," he told the media.

In case anyone still thinks that there is something between Jordy Murray and Cody, the sister also emphasized that the Playboy model, with which she was seen in New York a couple of days ago, is actually dating Cody & # 39; s . Close friend.

‘She is her best friend, Ryan Mcarthy's girlfriend of some years. I will visit him for a couple of days. "

While internal reports have already revealed the type of relationship these two have, another reason why the rumor occurred was Miley's publication shortly after her man was seen with the model.

The cryptic message seemed to suggest that she was alone and focusing on herself and healing.

‘I've been trying to be nice to myself and even if it's just a walk with my mom or my dogs in the morning! The movement is an important ingredient for self-love / care, "he wrote.


In addition, Cody was seen with Jordy, but he is rarely seen in public with Miley these days, so this also added to the assumptions that they were over.

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