Boyce Watkins says that Lizzo is famous because she is fat – Lizzo Clapsback !!


Pop singer Lizzo is known for her great energy, her excellent lyrics and her masterful performances. But it is also known for being a BBW.

Yesterday, the popular online business guru, Dr. Boyce Watkins, came through Lizzo's throat. According to Boyce, who sells business advice online, Lizzo is only famous because she is fat.

According to Boyce, the media is propping up Lizzo because she is "obese." And Boyce says that Lizzo's fame is dangerous, because many obese people suffer from health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Well, Lizzo is fighting Dr. Boyce.

She told Bouyce that she is famous, not because of her weight, but because "she writes good music, songs and performs shows of an hour and a half with a lot of energy."