Teresa Giudice – Are you ready to move on and find love again after separating from Joe?


It's been less than a week since Teresa and Joe Giudice announced their separation and the Real Housewives of New Jersey star was seen with a former boyfriend of his, Anthony Delorenzo! Does that mean Teresa is ready to find love again with someone else?

After they seemed to make it official that things were over between them, people have had many questions about the Giudices, especially about Teresa since she was seen with her ex.

So what is the status of your relationship?

The star RHONJ and Delorenzo were all smiles and even hugged her as they headed for breakfast a couple of days ago.

Have you revived your romance? A source tells HollywoodLife that "the boy he was dating is Tony, who was in an episode of,quot; RHONJ. "He has always known him and they are just friends."

In other words, they were definitely not dating and the source also emphasized that Joe "knows him well too."

It's been a long time since Teresa and Anthony got emotionally involved since they dated back to their teens.

The source explained that Teresa is not ready to find love again so soon after her and Joe's separation.


‘Teresa is not ready to leave and does not want to remarry soon. Not that he has the desire to have more children or anything, so he doesn't see the need. Nor does he intend to divorce Joe in the short term for the sake of the children. She knows that it would really upset them and it is the last thing she wants to do, "they continued to serve.

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