Phaedra Parks fans want me to return to RHOA to "put Kenya back in its cage,quot;


Phaedra Parks shared a photo of her with the beautiful Christmas tree behind her, and fans can't stop praising the lady. Many followers said they want her back at RHOA.

‘When you realize that #Christmas is 3 days away 🤭 # ifitaintalreadyunderthetree … .. #ohwell # bless your heart and mine too 🥴" Phaedra captioned her post.

Somoene said: has The hashtags are real, Chile. My daughter sent me a text message a few hours ago talking about wanting something else "hahaha."

Another follower published this: "Yes, you, Phaedra, a person and a mirror so beautiful that you were completely amazed, and I love you, Phaedra, my gurlll."

A fan wants Phaedra to return to the RHOA program: ‘I call you back to RHOA so that Kenya returns to its cage. 😂 ’and another commentator agrees:‘ @phaedraparks We urgently need you at RHOA! But I understand … protect and keep your peace! We love you !!!! & # 39;

Someone else posted: ‘You are the best gift anyone could ask for! Happy holidays ❤️ ’and a follower said: verdadera A true southern beauty … You parks have time, please check my comedy skits, I hope I can make you laugh."

A commenter also talked about Phaedra and posted: "Beautiful photo @phaedraparks Christmas looking really good there."

Someone else said: rosas The roses are red, the violets are blue, you make me smile when I look at you! Happy beautiful holidays !! Much love !! & # 39;

One commenter posted this: ‘The most beautiful person a mirror has ever seen! This is not for debate. # Period. & # 39;

In other news, Phaedra showed her amazing Christmas decorations and offered her gratitude to the Daily Mail for passing by.


He also revealed a part of the Christmas surprise he prepared for his two children.

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