Kandi Burruss shows a massive cleavage at the mayor's dance along with Toya Johnson


Kandi Burruss was at the mayor's dance along with Toya Wright, also known as Antonia ‘Toya’ Johnson. Reign Rushing's mother shared some photos on her social media account of the elegant event. You can see them below.

Ball The mayor's dance party with some drugged people. #good times, "Toya captioned his post.

A follower said: ‘Toya always looks classy. Kandi made sure the girls were out. " And another commenter mentioned Toya's name change on social media: "We see that name change. I love it! I can't wait for the wedding now. ❣️’

A few days ago it was revealed that Toya removed the name "Wright,quot; from his social media account.

Someone said: ‘Toya … Babayyyyy !! You are definitely a fashion pioneer … You said they were bobs and the masses said we will follow you, "and another follower posted this:" @toyajohnson your dress is everything … you are so beautiful. "

One commenter posted: to @toyajohnson Love 💕 your outfit! Sophisticated and very elegant! BEAUTIFUL! 🤗 ’

Another fan wrote: "Every time I see Kandi and Toya in a photo together, I instantly think about that photo when they were hiking or something and turning around to take the photo,quot; the thickness of that photo is legendary. "

A follower said: ‘You are so awesome Toya! Clothes and hair always ready! "


The other day, Toya shared more photos of the ball she was in, along with another of her best friends.

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