Kandi Burruss gets excited in a new video where she confessed that her family judged her for having her little daughter, Blaze Tucker, through a substitute


Like Gabrielle Union and Kim Kardashian, singer Kandi Burruss has decided to be very open about her difficulties in conceiving children and her decision to find a substitute for her son.

It's been about a month since Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, welcomed their adorable little daughter, Blaze Tucker, with the help of her surrogate mother, Shadina Blunt.

the Real Atlanta Housewives The Xscape star and singer recently shared a YouTube video where he talked about the criticisms and the trial he endured from family members who belittled her for not being able to carry her son.

The 43-year-old businesswoman confessed: “There was a time when I felt guilty. My eyes filled with tears because there was a member of my family, they simply sent me a text message when they discovered I was thinking of a substitute, and they said, ‘I mean … why do you want to have a substitute? Don't you want to take the baby alone? I was in a text message. I responded and said, "Well, I would if I could, but I had trouble giving birth in my last pregnancy," and they said, "You don't want to be able to join your baby?" ;. other things like, "Why wouldn't you ask one of your family members to help you?" It was a lot, and I was like, well, family member (laughs). "

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the stroller. At least that is what most of us are taught, but nobody shares that the trip to the baby carriage can come with sadness, doubts and obstacles to fertility. My first daughter, Riley, was conceived and born in the world as easily as possible. Little did I know that 13 years later, when I wanted to continue this story, I would face the fight of infertility due to non-cancerous fibroids. My pregnancy with Ace came with many complications, so our family decided to use a substitute (pictured here!). When we analyzed this, I went through a series of emotions and questions such as: How will this affect my bond with my child? What happens if the substitute tries to stay with my baby? What will others think? Will the baby share the DNA with the surrogate mother of the pregnancy even though they are my eggs? Looking back, I wish I had an application like @peanut. It is a place to meet women with mentality, chat and share advice. @Peanut is an application for mothers, pregnant women and those who try to conceive (Thank God!). As a woman, I am very happy to have found @peanut and I encourage you to join and seek help through this platform. I have had an amazing husband to lean on, and my surrogate has been very encouraging, but it has been great talking to other women who really understand my fears and my pain firsthand. In general, I have to tell each of you: your trip to the baby carriage may not be the same as someone else's, but you are not alone on this trip to motherhood. #peanutapp

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The artist explained: “She hurt my feelings. I don't think she wanted to hurt my feelings at that moment. I love her to death, so I don't think she intentionally tried to hurt my feelings, but you have to understand that some people simply have problems with the idea of ​​subrogation. There are people so they automatically think about the subrogation and look negatively towards it. ”

Kandi continued saying that she is happy with her decision and that she is in love with her little daughter: "I don't regret the decision we made," she said. “It turned out to be a great thing for us. We also have a new friend!


Shadina has revealed that people see subrogation negatively because it is something they still do not understand.

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