Gavin Rossdale seen with his 27-year-old girlfriend during a Christmas shopping trip amid reports that he is preventing Gwen Stefani from marrying Blake Shelton


Bush leader Gavin Rossdale and model Natalie Golba made their red carpet debut as a couple in May at the John Wick 3 premiere in New York City, while Bush recorded the main song of the film Bullet holes – but, since then, they have been relatively low as a couple. However, last weekend, the couple was seen on a last-minute Christmas shopping trip in Beverly Hills.

Rossdale, 54, wore a green flannel shirt over a black T-shirt with black pants dotted with neon paint. And Golba, 27, opted for a swollen white jacket over a black T-shirt and leggings and a small black backpack as an accessory.

Prior to her relationship with Golba, Rossdale dated German actress Sophie Thomalia, but they separated in 2018. Thomalia was the first woman Rossdale dated publicly after her separation from her ex-wife Gwen Stefani in 2015.

Rossdale and Stefani married from 2002 to 2016 and share three children: Kingston, 13, Zuma, 11, and Apollo, 5.

As fans know, Stefani has been dating her The voice Co-star Blake Shelton since 2015, and wedding rumors have surrounded the couple since the beginning. Recent reports claim that the couple is ready to marry, but Stefani wants a church wedding, which is not possible because she is Roman Catholic and divorced in the past.

According to Hollywood life, Stefani must annul his marriage to Rossdale if he wants to marry Shelton in the Catholic church. Legally, that cannot happen since your divorce has already been finalized in the state of California. But, the Catholic church has its own rules regarding cancellations, says California attorney Kelly Chang Rickert.

"But to be clear, if the Church approves its annulment, it will not change its legal status as DIVORCED by the family court," said Chang Rickert.

Apparently, Stefani is awaiting a Vatican decision on the annulment of his marriage to Rossdale in the eyes of the church, but it is not clear if he is trying to prevent that from happening. We weekly He reported that Stefani began the formal process in March and that his religion "has always been extremely important to her."


The voice He has just finished his 17th season this month. Blake Shelton will return in 2020 for season 18, while Gwen Stefani will conclude his residency in Las Vegas.

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