Emily Ratajkowski channels Johannes Vermeer Girl with a pearl earring in the brilliant Inamorata women's campaign


Emily Ratajkowski's face is a work of art and has now become a true classic for a new Inamorata Woman campaign. Overlaying her face in Johannes Vermeer's famous painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring," Emily models the Figure earrings in her line that sell for approximately $ 135 in a creative and unique way. Emily's features are impressive and she looks beautiful as a work of art and the campaign receives high praise on social networks like Instagram. Emily has been highlighting many pieces of her line of holiday clothes, including the new Inamorata suits (miniskirts and blazers) that were inspired by the look of Julia Roberts' 90s Golden Globes, cat costumes, tops and shorts, tanks and, of course, bikinis and other swimsuits.

In the photo, Emily looks aside, recreating the famous profile of the painting dating back to 1665. In the original, you can see the amazing pearl earring worn by the girl who was believed to be the artist's daughter. Emily wears the same blue and gold scarf in the photo that covers her hair and highlights her ear so she can see the focal point: the earring of the solo figure.

You can see the original photo when Emily Ratajkowski shared it on her official Instagram account, where she has 24.9 million followers below.

The earrings in the figure are gold plated on light brass. The official description indicates that they have a feeling of weightlessness and have no support. The earrings are in line with the theme of Inamorata Woman that focuses on the female form. The earrings are a delicate turn of curves that represent the shape of a woman. The price of Inamorata Woman's pieces can be divided into payments with installments through subsequent payment.

Inamorata Woman points out that the earrings in the Figure can be used both as a couple and alone.

You can see a close-up view of the earrings of the Inamorata woman figure below.

What do you think of Emily Ratajkowski's marketing campaign for the earrings in Figure? Do you think it was a brilliant strategy?

Are you a fan of Inamorata Woman's clothing line? Have you ever bought any of the pieces?

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