Brandi Glanville reportedly warned Denise Richards that he would be the target of the RHOBH cast this season


It's no secret that Denise Richards and her co-star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna, have been enmity and are apparently not the only one in the cast with which Denise has drama. Now, an internal report says that Brandi Glanville previously warned the latter that it would end up being everyone's goal.

As you probably know, women have been filming for season 10 and it seems that many things have happened, so fans can't wait to see the drama that unfolds on their TV screens.

The tensions between Denise and Lisa Rinna have already reached the public and now, a source tells HollywoodLife that Brandi is also involved, although not on camera.

However, it seems that Brandi, as well as his former cast member, Camille Grammer will have recurring roles in the next season of RHOBH.

The source shared with the new store that Brandi called Denise at the beginning of the season because Kyle (Richards) had told Brandi that Denise would be the only person the other ladies chose this season in the absence of Lisa Vanderpump. Kyle said that everything the public liked about Denise last season is what the ladies would use against her this season. "

They stressed that she was one hundred percent genuine when she approached the other reality star.

Also, ‘Brandi came to Denise because they met through a mutual friend during season 9. Brandi really empathized with Denise and everything that happened in his past, so he called to warn him about his conversation with Kyle. Brandi had contacted several of the women because he wanted to return to the program. "

But Denise is still unsure of Brandi's intentions.


The source mentioned that he felt that the only reason Brandi was brought back to the show was to cause drama, more precisely, to enter into really explosive conflicts with Camille Grammer and her.

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