Uncut gems cross $ 1 million mark in separate lockers


Even if Uncut gems had a tough competition with Disney Rise of Skywalker The first of the two films managed to maintain the highest average per screen for two weeks in a row. The new Safdie brothers thriller managed to get $ 1 million on just five screens, which gives him an average of $ 46,496 per screen compared to $ 40,000 for Star Wars.

For the most part, the vast majority of independent cinemas decided not to launch this weekend due to the crazy Disney competition, that way they could have a better chance of getting solid ticket sales on Christmas Day.

Dabangg 3, an action comedy in the Hindi language, projected on 294 screens and earned $ 1.11 million for an average of $ 3,793 per screen. Movies like A hidden life It didn't work out so well on his second weekend.

Reportedly, Terrence Malick's new film lasts three hours and addresses difficult content and issues, in other words, it is not as marketable for large audiences. The film won only $ 250,000 of 106 screens and earned $ 2,350 on average.

As previously reported, Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker He acted as expected this year, rising to approximately $ 190 million in his first weekend, and becoming one of the most commercially successful films this year.

However, so far, the film has negative reviews from official film critics, although the audience score tends to be better. Uncut gems, on the other hand, is another critically acclaimed film with Adam Sandler, who made a surprising revelation earlier this year.

During a conversation with Brad Pitt, the actor asked him if it was true or not that Adam Sandler had had a beer with the professor, who told him that it would be better to stop acting and leave him behind. His acting teacher told Sandler one night that he "didn't have it,quot;, and that it would be better to move on.


Sandler met him again in the future after catapulting stardom, and instead of rubbing it on his face, Sandler reportedly introduced his teacher to his friends saying he was the only teacher who had bought him a beer.

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