The video of Kandi Burruss in which she transforms into her baby, Blaze Tucker has amazed fans


Kandi Burruss shared a clip in her social media account in which she is transforming her baby Blaze Tucker. Check out the clip below and see if Blaze looks like his mother when he was a baby.

‘I became @blazetucker! I can see myself in her. You can see it? The last photo is Blaze and the rest is me. #SheGetItFromHerMama, "Kandi captioned his post.

Someone said: ‘❤️ all your children are totally like you. Your eyes and your beautiful bright smile ", and another follower published this:" The three of your baby are spitting images of you !! Simply beautiful !! & # 39;

A fan also sees the similarities and says: ‘I can definitely see it. Kandi, your genes are strong as hell, or should we say Mama Joyce? 😂 Riley, Ace and now Blaze 💪.j ’

A follower posted this: ‘Oh, yes, she is your twin! I saw that before this morph lol! "And another commentator wrote:" I can't see it yet, but honnnnney. You are definitely born with Riley! "

A fan wrote: ‘Yes, at first I saw Kayla. She surely got it from her mom. Beautiful. She is your twin! I said it yesterday when Todd published it. Beautiful! Congratulations "and someone else posted:" I want my future son to look like me. Like the Kandi children. "

Just the other day, Kandi shared some images with her family taking photos with the girl Blaze Tucker. Mom Joyce said everyone had entered a new era.


Kandi is living her best life these days since they have baby Blaze.

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