Pete Davidson talks about criticism about his romance with Kaia Gerber and implies that he will go to rehab during SNL Skit


Pete Davidson addressed the rumors that he and Kia Gerber are a couple during their brief appearance on Saturday Night Live. That was not the only topic he discussed during the "Weekend Update,quot; segment as the young comedian also mentioned Colin Jost's commitment to Scarlett Johansson.

Referring to the criticisms he has received on social media and in the press about his relationship with the beautiful 18-year-old supermodel, he joked saying: & # 39; You have an appointment with a famous woman and everyone is delighted, but I do and states United wants to hit me. the throat. & # 39;

Pete made it clear that he was confused about why people were so upset about it.

He joked that when it comes to men who look like him, Kaia could have chosen the best of all!

‘There are a million men who look like me and I am the only one who has a job. It's just Tyga and me. "

Pete, who seemed quite nervous, mentioned that he could not believe that he did not follow anything but Eddie Murphy, who had sat down with Jost and Michael Che to repeat the role of Gamby, an iconic character from when the famous actor was just beginning. in the industry as part of the cast of SNL.

The 26-year-old caused fans to worry about him, as he seemed to suggest that he was registering at a mental health center during the program's winter break.


"I'm going on vacation," but insurance pays part, and they take your phone and shoelaces off, and it costs $ 100,000, but I still have roommates. "

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