Kim Kardashian criticized for strange wrappings on Christmas presents


Kim Kardashian was criticized for a photo shoot where she was supposed to be channeling Elizabeth Taylor and instead was accused of channeling Diana Ross and wearing a black face. Now, Kim is under fire for what social networks refer to as "strange wrapping,quot; in his family's Christmas presents. According to Kim, his family has a unique tradition in which everyone chooses a color and then wrap their gifts with the tone. In this way, family members will know whose gift it is. Kim shared several photos on her Instagram with wrapped gifts, but not everyone was impressed. Some thought that for a family with a lot of money, the gifts seemed boring and boring.

In addition to the unique wrapping method, it seems that the Kardashian-West family prefers material or cloth to wrap their gifts instead of using traditional Christmas wrapping paper.

Some responded that it seemed that Kim was wrapping her Christmas presents in shirts and sheets. In addition to the unusual wrapping material, social networks also don't feel the decorations that Kim and Kanye have selected for their home. When Kim and Kanye asked their questions about Vogue, Kim explained that Kanye had designed the interior of the house with a minimalist theme. At that time, everything was white with lots of open space. You can see photos of Kim Kardashian's Christmas wrapping paper below.

Kim is a fan of Australian artist Kathy Temin and decorated her house with white trees that were inspired by her famous style. The trees were white piles of round and swollen bumps and, although Kim was crazy about decorations, the Internet was not.

Kim stated the following about the decorations.

"I love these. They are capricious, like Whoville, but all white."

You can see the Christmas decorations of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West below.

What do you think of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's holiday style? Do you like the idea of ​​using special colored wrapping paper so that people know who has given each gift? Do you like the idea of ​​cloth or material to wrap Christmas presents or do you think traditional paper works better?


Do you like Kim and Kanye's non-traditional Christmas decorations?

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