How Christina Anstead completely renewed her world



Last spring, Christina Anstead gave birth to a new baby.

Not your son with husband Ant Anstead. He arrived on September 6. Rather it was his solo adventure of HGTV, Christina on the coast, who made his debut.

While an apparent partner project for Flip or Flop, the home renovation series that turned her and her ex-husband Tarek The Moussa From real estate agents with problems to family names, the designer insists that it is "completely different." Now, instead of trying to create an updated platform that is attractive to the masses, she was redecorating homes with a particular client and even transforming the four-bedroom, 4,870-square-foot extension of Newport Beach, California, which she and Ant bought together last year.

Even with his man, an experienced professional thanks to four years of organizing concerts in his native England, joining her on camera, he admitted. ET that she felt a little stressed about being alone. "I'm not going to lie, yes, it's more pressure," he said, "especially knowing that everything was followed from start to finish, and that's the first time I've done it on television. I definitely felt pressure to make it perfect."

And why shouldn't it match the rest of your world? About three years after the bright facade that was her marriage to El Moussa broke down, she completely changed things with a complete remodeling of her personal life.

A few weeks after connecting with the 40-year-old Briton in October 2017, she was so convinced that she had found her future, she recalled that Persons"I was in a hockey game with my dad and I said: & # 39; I'm going to marry Ant & # 39;". He did it 14 months later and now the newlyweds today celebrate their first anniversary with their family: Children of 36 years with El Moussa, daughter Taylor, 9 and son Brayden4, his daughter Amelie16 years old and his son Archie, 13 years old, with previous wife Louise Anstead, his 3 month old son Hudson and his beloved French bulldog Cash, all of whom played a role in their December surprise votes.

"It's as if my life was 180," he said. Persons of seeing everything fall after your initial appointment with the autofocus host Wheel distributors, which is broadcast on Discovery in its native United Kingdom and the Velocity channel in the United States. While Ant gives him credit for saving him, giving his world new life a few months after he had finished his own divorce, she has a different opinion: "We saved each other."


It is not that Christina was a damsel in distress, but someone who had been through difficult years. Known for her good character and occasional competitiveness, she and El Moussa seemed to be one of the strongest couples in reality shows, which made the news that emerged in late 2016 even more shocking.

The real estate power couple confirmed that they were separating just when it came to light that the police had been called to their home in Orange County, California, months earlier. According to the incident report, El Moussa announced that he needed to take a walk to "let off steam,quot; and carried a weapon to protect himself in case he bumps into a mountain lion or a rattlesnake. Although the couple later shared that the cops had been called "very cautiously," they attributed the whole situation to an "unfortunate misunderstanding."

However, the couple suddenly encountered an unprecedented level of attention when the paparazzi followed them around their Tony enclave and the tabloids and spectators speculating on what could have caused their seven-year marriage to unravel so spectacular.

"Let's be honest, it was horrible," El Moussa recalled in the Dr. Drew Podcast in April 2018. "I mean, there was more public relations about our divorce than any other divorce I think I saw … It was wild. In every magazine, in every media outlet. It was beyond me."

While we humbly remind a small couple that once became known as Brangelina, the former had the unique task of having to work together both to co-crystallize their two children and to maintain the HGTV empire they had been building since they transformed their home . Turning the business to a star vehicle in 2013.

"Things have become much easier since January," Christina said. ET in August 2017. "You know, the initial impact that it reached the media was extremely stressful, it had to be so public, but I feel that now everything has calmed down and everything is on the rise."

At that point, they had reported again to film new episodes of Fiip or Flop, not as the husband and wife duo who discussed new lists during breakfast, but as a copacetic ex, discovering how to share a business without sharing a house.

"We do everything possible to be as professional as possible, but from time to time we have to criticize ourselves, sometimes more serious than others," said El Moussa in E! Daily pop last year. "It's something like this is going on today … I just saw the first episode last week and it's absolutely different from everything you've seen about us. We got into some arguments that I didn't think they were going to do and they did it ".

Still, they were aware of the fact that the spectators were tuning in to see the intestinal renovations of their properties, not two former ones trying to demolish each other.

"We want to make sure we give fans what they want," Christina told E! News. "If it is not comfortable to have so much personal life, then we may mitigate it a bit. It is evident that we have to put aside our differences to continue working together and do what we are good, which is to tear down houses and designing houses for other people. ". It seems they have reached the right balance, starting to shoot for their ninth season on December 12.

That second nature began to click and the couple, who crossed for the first time as real estate agents in the early years, rediscovered a working relationship. "We met at work and we have always been working together and we also have two children together," he explained to ET. "When it all happened for the first time, we just kept everything quiet because we were just trying to solve things. We keep filming together, so we just always continue and we have been doing it for so long. I think we've filmed 120 episodes, so it's very easy for us. "

The same could be said of his romance with Ant. Following false starts with hockey player Nate thompson and businessman Doug SpeddingChristina knew quite quickly that her partner had found in the divorced partner with a curriculum that matched his.

His first phone call lasted 29 minutes, he revealed in an Instagram post, and on FaceTime two days later they continued talking for another two and a half hours. "Two days later we met for the first time," he continued, "and we have been inseparable ever since."

A few weeks after going public in January 2018, the couple went to Napa for a romantic getaway, followed by weekends in Las Vegas and Mexico. March saw them tour their "old grounds,quot; in London, then headed to South Africa on a safari.

Registering a half-dozen trips shared in the same number of months proved to be a fantastic way to get acquainted and by the time they celebrated their sixth anniversary at the end of April 2018, Ant was excited about the fortuitous moment of knowing a "suitable trip." friend "months removed from your divorce.

"I loved every second I spend with her! She catches me completely (which is weird) and we've done so much in so little time!" He wrote in an Instagram tribute. "The weather is strange! Very strange in a great way! A VERY great way! We look forward to the next chapter."

The second act would see the couple involve their children with dating nights transformed into family outings to the Anaheim Ducks games and an August vacation to Hawaii that included a trip to urgent care and an impending hurricane that canceled their flight.

By then, however, it was clear that they were in a permanent state of paradise.


"@ant_anstead, you've shown me what real unconditional love is. You take me for who I am, imperfect and a little crazy, and you love me as I am," Christina wrote on her first anniversary. "You've never made me feel bad for anything in my past. You put me in my place when I need to be put there. Hold me when I have a bad day. I love this life with you. I love our mixed family. I can't wait to see where we are. will take next year. "

The answer, of course, was down the hall at a ceremony in the backyard that was kept secret even for the 70 attendees, who were told they would be rented from the couple's house to see the Newport Beach Christmas Parade December 22 Instead, they came to an elaborate configuration: rows of crossed-backed wooden chairs and a corridor of white rose petals leading to a floral arch ready to exchange vows.

"I have you," Ant told the crowd as he stood beside the pastor, waiting for his four children (Taylor served as a flower girl; Archie, the bearer of the ring) and his girlfriend dressed in Ines Di Santo to join the. "We performed the perfect surprise wedding," she said Persons. "Seeing the happy tears of friends and family is priceless."

After the ceremony, the group retired to a tent-style tent with chandeliers for a meat dinner organized by Christina's publicist and lifelong friend Cassie Zebisch. "We literally owe this wedding to her," said the bride Persons. "He did it. He met the vendors, prepared the catering. He wanted a Masters theme, like a good steakhouse. He did it all!"

Although they spent weeks worrying that someone would realize his plan: "The day we went to get our marriage license, the guy who worked was like hyperventilating, excited," he recalled. "We had to tell him that this is a great secret," in the end the stress was worth it. "It was perfect for us," Christina said. "Everything we wanted."

Instagram / Christina Anstead

Upon returning home from her honeymoon in Bora Bora, she learned that she was owed more blessings, specifically a much-desired addition to her family, with the man she attributes to having changed everything.

"Ant has been so supportive. He is very punished. When he entered my world, there are so many false stories circling and he has never told me a single word about any of that," he shared with E! News from last summer "He always says: & # 39; You are an amazing person. You are an amazing mother. You are an amazing girlfriend.

It is a high he never dared to dream of when he was at his lowest point a few years ago. But now, while counting his blessings, a still prosperous career (second season of Christina on the coast opens in January), a satisfying romance, a growing family and a peaceful relaxation with your former spouse, well, life is very sweet.

"My children are very good. They are happy, they are amazing, they are very funny," he told E! News. "Shared parenthood is going very well … and we are doing very well for both of us."

The star continued, "Things definitely get easier over time … I think that's true in most aspects of life."

Now he clings to that little piece of gospel while navigating the first months with his "hard baby." Giving an update on life with Hudson within three weeks, Christina reinforced the idea that "not all Instagram perfection filters are what people present. F,quot;. His little boy, he continued, "will sometimes cry for hours at a time."

And although she checked it to detect some of the most standard feeding problems and even eliminated dairy products from her own diet, the solution she came to was decidedly low-tech: "What works is that he is wrapped in a room dark and fresh with very loud white noise. "

Which, you know, super realistic in a house with six other people.

His newest boy "definitely,quot; has been the most difficult, he recently admitted to We weekly, but like anything, they seem to have turned a corner in recent weeks. "Since he reached the 3-month mark, he has been doing much better," he shared. "Many more smiles, coo and sleep better, so I think we are on the right track."

She certainly, certainly is.

(Originally published on May 23, 2019 at 3 a.m. PT)