Cassie and her husband Alex Fine hit the beach in a beautiful photo while fans explain why Vivica A. Fox and Jada Pinkett Smith could have inspired her baby's name


Alex Fine and his new wife, Cassie, are celebrating the birth of their baby, Frankie Stone Fine, going to the beach and letting love and happiness shine.

Alex posted a sweet photo where she is on the beach with Cassie and captioned it: "Frankie's parents."

He previously wrote: “Mom and dad. I am very happy that my daughter is surrounded by such beautiful female souls and role models for her in the future. Thank you all for surrounding my babies with love and warmth. "

A fan said: "She is her father's daughter. She is, she will always be on her father's side no matter what Nuff respects Alex."

Another commenter declared: "Congratulations on your new baby ❤️😍Now you have a reason to celebrate!"

This sponsor said: “Cassie finally got her king. I'm glad that this guy saw his amazing … blessings for his union and his new family. Hope pops is better, sending Bk love. "

After Cassie shared a new photo of the baby she recently had with Alex on social media, many of her fans have been discussing the situation and expressing her happiness for the star.

Cassie has been a mother for a little over two weeks, and seems to be completely in love with her son, and has done everything possible to make that clear to her fans.

At one point, she even referred to her baby as her best friend, to the delight of many of her fans, who worried about how the situation could affect her as a whole.

Meanwhile, some of his fans have been speculating about the origin of the baby's name, Frankie Stone Fine.

Some believe that Cassie has referred to classic characters in the movie. Configure, but there has been no confirmation on that front of Cassie herself.

The character of Vivica A. Fox in the movie is Francesca Sutton, but everyone called her "Frankie." And Stone could be inspired by the character of Jada Pinkett Smith in the film, Lida "Stony,quot; Newsom.

And in the end, although it would not be out of place for her to do that, it is hard to imagine that she would directly reveal the sources of her inspiration if that were the case.

In the end, however, that has not done much to prevent Cassie fans from speculating about the situation, and so far several theories have emerged.

Cassie herself has been taking a silent approach to the entire discussion and has not been involved with her fans, although that is to be expected, given the way some people have been discussing things.


The new parents seem very happy.

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