Toya Wright drives fans crazy and announces the return of Toya Johnson


Toya Wright is now Toya Johnson once again. She changed her name IG and made this announcement for her fans and followers through Twitter.

This is what she published:

Toya shared a video on her social media account that looks amazing, as you can see below.

Someone said: to @toyajohnson you look sooo beautiful !!! I am trying to lose weight! You look good ❤️ ’

A follower noted that "It's temporary for Mrs. Rushing to be !! Lol! Don't get used to it! As you know, Toya accepted Robert Rushing's marriage proposal.

Toya shared a video he posted with: "Vibrating with that new @thisismikehart."

A follower said: & # 39; Then it's okay to listen and accompany the children of today😕 … just saying what happened to the adults who stay and the children who are children … my children listen to all kinds crap, but I don't do it with them that's all.

A fan praised Toya and wrote: "You are all so cute and finally have that happy glow, so this is a very good love." I know because I experienced the same thing firsthand and people saw it in me. Congratulations and blessings. "

Somoene said: ‘You also have to change your last name in the editing part.

Apart from this, Toya and Rasheeda Frost had a good time together and they both shared some photos of a party during the holidays they attended.

Fans appreciated their appearance and praised the style of women in the comments.


They wore completely black suits, and Rasheeda wore a neon yellow wig.

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