Toya Johnson shares a beautiful photo with the reign of the baby running before Christmas


Toya Wright previously changed his name on social media to Toya Johnson, and although fans are happy with this change, they also made sure to tell him that he shouldn't get comfortable with it either because it will soon be Toya Rushing.

She has just shared a beautiful photo with her baby Reign Rushing, and everyone is amazed.

‘Happy holidays from me and my little sun. "Love, Toya Johnson and Reign Rushing!", Toya captioned her post with the cupcake.

Someone commented: ‘Beautiful photo of you two. Blessings to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season. ❤ ’and another follower said this:" Baby, that's a small woman in her "Reign been here before."

Another follower wrote: Tenía I had to approach to make sure it was U! Toya Johnson "and a fan said:" @toyajohnson @reign_beaux is a beauty. Making me want a girl 😩 ’

Another commenter published this: "Yes, Mrs. Johnson appeared with the maiden name," which will soon be Mrs. Rushing, "Happy Holidays."

Somoene more said: ‘Yessssssss sis !!!! It's time for you to change that last name! #Rushingdowntheaisle coming soon. I can't wait for xoxoxo. "

In other news, she has the best gift ideas for children, and she shared it on her social media account. It's Reign Rushing's coloring book that she announced a while ago.


Toya is living her best life these days after saying "yes,quot; to Robert Rushing's marriage proposal. Fans have been begging him to accept for a long time, and he finally did.

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