The family of twice the walking dead who died in an accident received millions


A jury in the state of Georgia has rewarded the family of The Walking Dead Specialist with $ 8.6 million after his accidental death in 2017. John Bernecker, 33, died in 2017 after an accident on the set.

The Daily Report states that the verdict concluded a one-week trial, after which jurors began their deliberations and delivered the verdict shortly before 6:00 p.m. The lawyers on behalf of AMC, in addition to the production company, Stalwart Films, argued that none of the companies could be held liable for Bernecker's death.

The plaintiffs' lawyers argued that they could not be held responsible for Bernecker's death after he fell off a balcony during a fight on the scene. A landing platform for Mr. Bernecker was installed 25 feet from the balcony, however, he lost it and fell to his death.

The lawyers argued that AMC and the production company were not negligent. Susan and Hagen Bernecker sued the network and Stalwart, arguing that both parties did not use proper security procedures due to programming and financial delays.

Jeffrey Harris, the plaintiff's lawyer, described the 33-year-old man as a "remarkably talented specialist professional,quot; who had a promising future in the industry. The statement went on to say that death was preventable and could be avoided through the proper use of preventive and safety measures.

Harris hoped that the verdict in the case would encourage companies to implement adequate security measures. In addition, the statement said that the situation was a loss for everyone involved, including businesses, the victim and his family.

This would not be the first time someone dies on the set. In October 2017, CNN reported the death of a double specialist who crashed on the set of Deadpool 2. SJ Harris, of New York City, died on his motorcycle in Vancouver, British Columbia.


WorkSafeBC, the organization that analyzes occupational safety in the area, in addition to the forensic services office, investigated the incident. According to a Movie Web report, it was later determined that the lack of security measures contributed to his death.

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