RHOP Alum Katie Rost is no longer engaged – Here's why!


Katie Rost returned after missing a season of Real Housewives of Potomac and was going through a difficult time. I was in a better place after filming and was engaged to a new man, but now that has also come to an end.

During the last installment of RHOP, viewers quickly noticed Rost's scruffy appearance and strange behavior. She revealed that at that time she was in a toxic relationship and suffered a miscarriage shortly after filming.

To make matters worse, he was fighting with his ex for the custody of his children.

The fight to recover his children is still going on and apparently he got in the way of his commitment to his last boyfriend Jesse.

She told Page Six that he wanted to create his own family while she had not finished fighting for hers, which led them to suspend the engagement.

'We're separated. It was nothing too dramatic, it was more like a car that runs out of gas. He wanted certain things right away, and I was like, I have many other things that I need to focus on, and that's why I have to pause. "

He also gave an update on the case of his twin daughters and son.

‘I have the appeal that they will apparently read it, finally, in January. It took me a long time, but I feel I just need to be here, closer, and be able to do what I have to do next with that. "

Rost added that he is still unsure of wanting to enter the "wife mode."

The break is quite friendly.

Katie explained that Jesse still talks with her mother. There is no direct communication because if there were, they would probably end up being together again.


Although it is sad to hear about the separation, it is great to know that Katie is one step closer to reuniting with her children.

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