KUWK: Sofia Richie is practically one of the Kardashians right now, says the source: she will spend the holidays with the clan!


Since dating Scott Disick, who shares three children with Kourtney Kardashian, Sofia Richie has also spent a lot of time joining the Kar-Jenners! The young model has joined her boyfriend's family on several vacations and also always attends her big parties and celebrations.

It turns out that she is also included in her vacation plans!

It seems that Sofia has been welcome to the family of reality shows!

Now, a source reveals through HollywoodLife that ‘Sofia, of course, is included in what Scott does with Kourtney Kardashian during the holidays. The family is at the last minute and is still finding out their plans, but they are trying to make it work so everyone is happy. It seems that Sofia will spend time with her family, but also with Scott and Kourtney. "

It makes sense that his integration into the clan was so fast and fluid.

After all, she grew up practically with the family since her father, Lionel Richie has been friends with her mother Kris Jenner for many years.

This was, of course, long before she began dating Kourtney Kardashian's ex, but now she has also been approaching her and her children, Penelope, Mason and Reign.

The three adults and the three children have already been on a couple of joint vacations.

The reasoning behind their friendly ways is that if they are going to be in each other's life, Sofia needs to meet the children and not feel uncomfortable with Kourtney.

Also, ris Kris Jenner, of course, made sure to include her. Kris treats her very, very kindly. She will not invite her to anything: the family has always treated her well and respects her. Sofia is totally accepted by the Kardashian as one of them. "


The same source also mentioned that Kris has been giving Sofia career advice, which means a lot to her, since Kris really knows what she is doing, obviously.

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