Khloe Kardashian is like everyone else; This is what she is looking for


Everyone wants love, and Khloe Kardashian, 35, is no different.

the keeping up with the Kardashians Star broke her heart in the most public and violent way because Tristan Thompson tricked her a few days before she went into labor and gave birth to her daughter, True Thompson.

Since the humiliating breakup, which involved Jordyn Woods; one's mother has not been seeing anyone, but that does not mean that he is not looking.

A source close to the reality show star spoke Hollywood life and revealed that he has an open heart and added: "Khloe is not dating anyone, nor does he expect to date anyone soon, the second you are not looking for is when you find someone special." Khloe's heart is open, and she is ready for a new love. "

The source added: “She had already burned before, the things she would have to do to accept love again and move on to move forward in a meaningful relationship is something she is still dealing with. Khloe's heart is open, and it would be small steps, but that's the best advice she is giving herself, so as of this moment, she's not dating anyone seriously, but she's still not out of the game . . "

The person continued with: “All his attention is on True. She loves being a mother even more than she thought she would; It has made his life feel very complete. Of course, she doesn't see herself finding that special person one day. At this time, however, it is not a priority at all. "

A second source told the media that despite all the drama between the former couple, they have made peace and are doing everything possible to be parents of the True baby.

The family friend said: “At this moment, things are very peaceful and positive between her and Tristan. It takes a lot of personal growth and maturity on both sides to get to this point. She is proud of where they are. "

The source continued: “Of course, Khloé was flattered when she saw what Tristan published on social media. She couldn't help smiling, and reminded her how she used to faint for her when they first met. Khloe thought she was very sweet, and what girl wouldn't feel good with an ex that would sprout from them?


There is more maturity in Khloe now.

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