Kandi Burruss shares a video with her family in love with baby Blaze Tucker: "A new era,quot;


Kandi Burruss shared some images with her family taking photos with the girl Blaze Tucker. Mom Joyce said everyone had entered a new era.

Watch the video of Kandi below.

‘Our family decided to take some photos with our new addition @blazetucker! Go to YouTube: Kandionline to see more. "Kandi captioned her post.

Someone said: "There is no mountain high enough. There is no river wide enough to keep me away from that butt." ~ Mama Joyce's Bible, "and another follower published this:" Oh my God! I am so happy for all of you and the new baby. #BlazeTheBeauty #Adorable ".

One fan wrote: "Kandi, may God continue to bless you and your family with LOVE, PEACE AND JOY!", And someone else said: "I enjoyed this episode! ♥ ️ Mama Joyce so real and authentic ♥ ️’

A fan praised the family and said: always It's always good to see families get along. I would really love to see more interactions with Kayla. I know we are outside looking inward … but his eyes look very sad sometimes. "

Someone else said that & # 39; Mami Joyce and Todd may agree to disagree with each other, but show love to each other, show the growth of all of you and a family and will always be one. Mami Joyce is lovely, but know where Kandi is a married woman, love each other despite all the differences, "lovely family."

Kandi fans hoped to see the girl, Blaze Tucker, in all its glory.


Kandi managed to have a really amazing photo shoot these days, so she decided to share her little angel's face at last, just before Christmas.

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