Jane Fonda arrested for the fifth time in protest over climate change


Jane Fonda has been in the news repeatedly over the past few weeks regarding her participation in protests over climate change in the nation's capital. Fonda, who turns 82 on Saturday, so far, has been handcuffed five times until Friday, says a new report from The Hollywood Reporter.

Celebrities and other political activists involved call it a fire drill Friday, and Fonda has been the main among those who protest against climate change and try to raise awareness about the movement against fossil fuels.

In addition, the video of his apprehension was published on social networks. You can check it in the link shown below:

Reportedly, the police arrested the actress and she seems to enjoy it very much. Last week, Fonda has managed to avoid being officially charged. Fonda wrote on her website that she would be in Capitol Hill for as long as it takes to convey the message.

On the site, Fonda said she was inspired by the movement that "our youth created." During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter previously, DC authorities declared that Fonda would not be charged for her previous arrests.

However, it is not entirely clear whether or not she was arrested yesterday for the charge, although she did spend at least one night behind bars after a previous arrest. Followers of the protest know that other stars have also been arrested, including Sam Waterston, Catherine Keener, Rosanna Arquette, Ted Danson and Sally Field.

Previously, protesters were beaten with charges of discomfort, obstruction and overcrowding. In the past, Jane admitted that she was dedicated to social and political causes.

Jane has received several very distinguished awards, including two Academy Awards, seven Golden Globe Awards, two BAFTAs, an AFI Life Achievement Award, a Primetime Emmy Award and an Honorary Golden Lion.


Interestingly, Jane has the honor of producing the best selling VHS of all time, a videotape called Jane Fonda’s Workout. 17 million copies were sold. In addition, he married Ted Turner, the founder of CNN in 1991. They divorced ten years later.

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