Jameela Jamil publishes a souvenir photo of when she was struggling with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia: she becomes sincere!


The actress was sincere about her eating disorder, which was, of course, a horrible moment in her life. Jameela Jamil is very open about body image, so it makes sense to talk openly about this, but even so, she seemed more honest and open than ever!

The cast member of Good Place turned to social media to share a photo of her from September 2009 and told her followers that she was struggling with a body dysmorphia and an eating disorder.

While the star was quite thin and felt "weak,quot; at the time, he couldn't help but believe he was "too fat."

‘Ten years ago it was a sad day. I didn't want to go to this event because I was convinced that I was "too fat,quot; and that they would see me ashamed publicly the next day. I was so weak that I managed to stay for ten minutes. Eating disorders / dysmorphia are wild. I missed my adolescence / twenty years. The therapy that used to help me was called EMDR, it works faster, so it was also much cheaper. CBT did not work for me personally, "he wrote.

Jameela continued telling people that "so if it doesn't work for you, try EMDR." It is free in some countries. I am grateful to the brilliant "I Weigh,quot; community for helping me in my recovery. I love you. ❤️. ’

Many fans wrote to her about her own struggles and she continued to answer for hours before tweeting once more, saying she was devastated to read what they had to say.


‘The answers to this sadden me because so many others felt the same. ❤️ But they are also very sweet and open. We're in this together. X, "said his tweet.

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