Iggy Azalea is back with an apology and a new message about his separation from Playboi Carti


Iggy Azalea previously posted on his social media account a message that surprised his fans. She said she is single, and people were baffled because they thought she was pregnant.

Someone told Reddit that she deleted all her photos together, and he also stopped following her.

Most people are showing their support for Iggy, while others say they shouldn't continue making it public in the first place.

Someone said, "You don't need to explain to anyone, Iggy … except in the shade … because I'm nosy as hell," and another follower posted this: "Damn it, they got back together quickly."

One commenter posted this: "So you make up the public announcement … by making another public announcement … it makes sense."

A fan said: ‘GIRL! 90% of people did what you did before, if you apologized & # 39; & # 39; and someone else said: & # 39; Most people who had something to say do the same & # 39; They don't feel bad sister. You live and learn. & # 39;

Another follower posted: ‘Iggy is very humble. I'm not sure why he has such hatred, "and another fan wrote:" She tries to do damage control for him, girl, she has done it, now she is above you. "

Somoene said, "Why do you apologize to us? Call Carti."


You can also remember that earlier this year, celebrity couple fans were convinced that there could be a marriage soon.

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