Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti separate: "I'm single,quot;


Iggy Azalea posted something on his social media account that really surprised his fans. He simply wrote "I am single," and people couldn't believe it, especially after rumors that he was pregnant and that he was carrying Playboi Carti's baby.

The Shade Room shared a photo of their IG live, and people are debating what could have happened.

Someone said: ‘They will solve things. Black kings and white queens always solve things, "and another follower published this:" Hopefully get out of hiding and play music now. "

One commenter wrote: ‘Dear celebrities, you really don't need to share your personal life with us. Just so you know. & # 39;

Someone else noticed: "Everyone is separating just before the holidays,quot; and a confused follower asked: "So you are pregnant or not?" That is all we want to know. Now that Carti is single, he can release that damn album! "

Another Instagram installer doesn't understand why celebrities can't save such things to themselves, and they really want to announce their relationship change in public this way: ‘Why do people make an ad? Does anyone help me understand this? 🤔 ’

Earlier this year, celebrity couple fans were convinced that there could be a marriage soon, as Iggy shared a selfie on Instagram in July with a giant diamond ring on his finger.


After that, you can remember that later in July, she appeared in The X rate and the show host asked if she was alone. She replied: "I am not."

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