Eva Marcille's husband, Mike Sterling, dedicates a beautiful post to Marley Rae after Kevin McCall loses the custody case


Eva Marcille's relationship with Kevin McCall is non-existent, even when it comes to shared parenting. Her husband Michael Sterling intervened to raise the daughter she shared with the composer and she would not do otherwise.

Mike Sterling recently shared a moving tribute to his stepdaughter.

He uploaded some photos of the two at his wedding to the model along with a legend that said: “ I do my best every day in the hope of giving you the best and working hard so you have what you deserve – Unconditional love, joy unbridled, endless possibilities, the ability to explore your ambition and the ability to pursue your dreams. My number one. My baby. Marley Sterling God bless you. & # 39;

This happens after Eva changed Marley Rae's last name to Sterling because she allegedly never had a relationship with her real father. This angered Kevin and caused him to take Eva to court.

The star of Real Housewives of Atlanta spoke about Mike's involvement in his case after McCall was arrested for fighting with the security of the court at a hearing.

‘So, this is crazy, because he was arrested going to court for a case he filed against me. Then, more recently, he filed a lawsuit against me for child support, which is incredible because they have never given him a penny and I raised our son. Recently I changed my daughter's name from her last name to our last name, which is Sterling, and now she wants to reverse that change. So, we were actually going to court, "he explained in reality.

Marcille went on to say: & # 39; My husband is a lawyer, Michael Sterling, and he was going to court in my name, and I guess while McCall went to court, he fought safely because he is crazy, as I told him To the world a million times, I was arrested and, apparently, there are already some pending cases. He is on probation for domestic violence against another person, and that case is within a few months, and now he is being held for something else. "


Kevin ended up losing the custody case because he didn't show why he belonged to the Georgia court when the original order was issued in Los Angeles.

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