Cynthia Bailey from RHOA shares her holiday recipes


Tommy Garcia / Bravo

It has been a wonderful year for Real Atlanta Housewives star Cynthia Bailey And now she is ready to relax and tell us her recipes and Christmas traditions.

Earlier this summer, in July, Bailey got engaged to her boyfriend Mike Hill. The television personality knelt to ask for the star's hand in marriage.

One’s mother was surrounded by her daughter, Noelle Robinson, as well as Hill's two daughters, Kayla and Ashlee, when he asked the question with a huge diamond, of course. Of the engagement, Bailey told E! News at the time I was so "excited,quot; and "in shock."

Now, the holidays are in full swing and Bailey is busy celebrating them as promised and preparing to create new memories and start new family traditions.

After all, Bailey told E exclusively! The news that his favorite thing about vacations is "being able to spend time with the family and not having to feel guilty for not working."

But more than that, he likes to go down to the kitchen.

Bailey shares with E! The news that his favorite holiday recipe is "always potato salad,quot;. Really a classic.

As for your recipe? "It's quite simple," he adds. "I do it with bread and butter pickles, red onions, mayonnaise (Dukes or Hellman!), Yellow mustard, salt and torn black paper."

Are you writing this? The self-proclaimed "#PotatoSaladQueen,quot; also adds that she "would put it against anyone."

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In addition to the potato salad, another Christmas gastronomic tradition that he never gives up is making cornbread and sweet potato cakes from scratch.

While family time during the holidays comes first to Bailey, he also shared the eternal gifts on his wish list that never disappoints.

"Money, wine and candles," Bailey tells E! News. "In that order."

2020 is also emerging as a great year for Bailey if a wedding is on the horizon.

But for now, Bailey is living the moment and "when the clock strikes twelve, I want to be with my fiance Mike Hill."

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