Cosby Show Alum Geoffrey Owens says his acting career has been revived after a photo of him working at the seller Joe & # 39; s Went Viral in 2018


Cosby show Student Geoffrey Owens says his life has changed completely since a photo of him working on Trader Joe's in 2018 went viral. He says that Hollywood received him "absolutely,quot; again after being embarrassed for working as a cashier and packer in the supermarket chain.

"The outpouring of love and support, and practical support in the form of employment as well, has been extremely generous and much appreciated," Owens said. We weekly. "Tyler (Perry) leads the way, of course, with that job offer at the Haves and those without. Nicki Minaj was very generous and gave me a very generous gift, which I then delivered to the actor's capital fund. I made a donation of your generous gifts.

The 58-year-old added that NCIS: New Orleans He also offered him some work. And, in addition to the offers, he has also had the opportunity to audition for a series of roles that also led him to work.

Yale's graduate, who played Elvin Tibideaux in The Cosby show for seven seasons: he says "many doors have been opened,quot; since the weekend of Labor Day 2018. That was the weekend in which a story appeared The Daily Mail with the title "From the learning lines to the long line service," along with a picture of Owens packing food at Trader Joe's in New Jersey.

While he was embarrassed to work in a grocery store after having a successful career in television, there were many people who came to his defense, including Family ties alum Justine Bateman. The 53-year-old man opposed someone taking the picture of Owens and judging him when he simply "made a living honestly."

Owens says that Bateman not only defended him online. He also "approached,quot; him through a mutual friend, and offered him "a very specific stimulus."

Fans might be surprised to find out that Owens loved his job at Trader Joe's. He called it a great place to work and said he worked with wonderful people. Owens says he still buys there regularly, and sees his old friends all the time.

He also believes that he would still be working in the grocery store if the person had not taken his photo and published it online. In addition to acting, Owens is also teaching and training other actors in New York.


"Somewhere in the middle of my life's path, I found myself in the dark world of unemployment and debt," Owens said at the SAG Awards 2019. "But instead of changing careers as a healthy person, I took a job. at a local Trader Joe's to see if I could continue with my career. " And, um, it actually worked quite well. I'm Geoffrey Owens and I'm an actor. "

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