Wendy Williams thanks fans and the team for being with her for a decade and ‘Year From H ***’


Wendy Williams discovered that things became this year when she went from talking about hot topics to being one. The talk show recently aired the last episode of the year in which he thanked his fans and the team for being with her for more than a decade.

Only this year, Wendy went from being a married mother to divorcing her husband who had a baby with her lover, lived in a sober house and was diagnosed with lymphedema.

Earlier this year, there was hardly a week in which Wendy or her future ex-husband did not appear in the headlines.

Now, the woman who will soon become single has had a summer of hot girls where she made new famous friends and had multiple dates with men.

She has a new home, new pets and a new life opportunity.

During today's episode, he told his studio audience: "It's the close of a decade! Do you realize that we've been together, everyone, for more than a decade? We've seen it all! I love you everyone, you are the voice inside my head. I love my people, I love this show. "

He added that he doesn't care about the enemies that criticize her for some of the things she talks about.

‘And, if you don't like it, I talk about my personal life or whatever, then change the channel. I don't care It's been a year from hell and now I'm back! "

This happens after Stevie J revealed while she was on the show that she wants a divorce for Christmas.

The latest reports indicate that Kevin Hunter Sr. is giving Williams a hard time.


His lawyers could not reach an agreement to finalize his divorce. In addition to being kicked out of the house and fired from his executive position in the talk show, Hunter is upset that Wendy shades him in the series.

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