Wendy Williams jokes that a divorce ending would be the best Christmas present


Earlier this week, Wendy Williams took several public figures to the task in her program. On December 19, the host of the television talk show criticized some celebrities, but also made a funny joke about his recent separation from Kevin Hunter.

During a conversation with Love and hip-hopWith Stevie J, Wendy gave him a series of gifts, but Williams admitted that there was one more thing he really wanted to make his Christmas vacation happy. Stevie came with a series of snacks, including a roast beef sandwich, a mink coat, and diamonds.

In addition, Stevie revealed that Wendy told him that he wanted a divorce more than anything. The 55-year-old said: "I want something nobody can give me, a court and a pen." As previously reported, Williams filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter Senior after 22 years of marriage.

Wendy Williams reportedly discovered that her husband had a son with his lover, Sharina Hudson. Fans of the series know that Kevin Hunter was his former manager and executive producer of The Wendy Williams show.

After the news reached the press, Williams has publicly discussed his relationship issues several times. There is no denying that Wendy Williams had a difficult year. The star spent time in a sober life center for women after discovering that her husband had not only cheated on her, but also had a child with another woman.

The host had to take time off from his self-titled television show, a time when he was replaced by Nick Cannon. Nick Cannon was on the show for about a month. There were rumors in the industry that many of the staff members really enjoyed working with Nick more than Wendy.

In addition, Wendy caused more controversy when she was seen getting delicate with Meek Mill at a party one night. People on social networks accused her of looking "desperate,quot; during her conversation with the rapper.


Wendy has spoken about the artist previously imprisoned several times in the program, mainly for his recent imprisonment and subsequent release.

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