Teen Mom: Farrah Abraham says she has "problems with skinny girls,quot; and receives artificial fat injections in a new Instagram post


Former Teenage mother The star Farrah Abraham has never been afraid to share the amount of plastic surgery that is done regularly. And, for his last procedure, he brought a camera to the doctor's office so fans could witness it on Instagram.

Abraham was in Las Vegas to see Dr. Heather Rohrer, and she explained that she was giving artificial injections of Abraham Renuva in her butt that would last five years. Dr. Rohrer said the injections will make Abraham's ass look "nice, tight and round,quot; and enhance what she already has.

"SKINNY GIRL'S PROBLEMS NO MORE @aestheticmedicine_lv # Artificialfatinjections #Skinnygirlproblems no more! @Aestheticmedicine_lv has a 5-year artificial fat injection for girls who can't gain weight or don't want major surgery," Abraham wrote at the foot of Photo.

The 28-year-old girl was wearing a neon-green lace thong suit in the video, and told her Instagram followers that Dr. Heather had a trick that is better than any "booty injection,quot; that have had.

While marking Abraham's ass, the doctor also explained that the injection causes the body to produce its own fat and create blood vessels, while giving Abraham more volume in the upper area and a smooth and pleasant outside area. The doctor also took care of the clefts in Abraham's butt that were there due to cellulite.

Dr. Heather said that Renuva is basically "lyophilized fat,quot; donated by humans, not cows, that she injects to help her patients regenerate their own fat and blood vessels, and that is why it ends up looking "useful and plump." The doctor made it clear that donated fat has been stripped of all its DNA, living cells and everything that worries people.

Abraham loved the fact that the injections last five years, which is considered a "permanent injection,quot;, because his other injections only last about two years. And, Dr. Rohrer also revealed that Renuva is approved by the FDA, which means it is safe to inject and that patients will not have negative reactions.


The video becomes quite graphic, as it shows Dr. Rohrer injecting artificial fat into Abraham's ass several times before the camera. And, when Farrah Abraham asked how Renuva has such amazing results, Dr. Rohrer replied that "it is magical."

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