Mike and Lauren Sorrentino try to have a baby after a heartbreaking heartbreaking


Mike The Situation Sorrentino is a honeymooner under an unusual circumstance: what happened would be the best part of the honeymoon phase behind bars. Now that he is a free man, the married couple is working to bring small situations to the world.

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star told US Weekly: "My wife and I are definitely trying to expand our family."

This happens only one month after Lauren Pesce revealed that she suffered a miscarriage.

‘The night he came home (from prison) we actually conceived. And then, around half past six, seven weeks, I had a miscarriage. It was heartbreaking. When I discovered that we were pregnant, I felt that this is the reason we went through all these challenges for years and that this was our moment and it was our blessing. … It was difficult. It was really difficult. "

She continued by saying that she did not want to "retain,quot; the loss.

Before Mike spent time in prison where he worked at his Popeye-like physique, he was sure he wanted to have children.

He told the magazine that he would love to have a child first.

Lauren added: ‘We like chaos and a busy and noisy house. I think we would definitely want at least three, but we don't have any at the moment, so that's pretty ambitious. "

In addition to filming Jersey Shore and trying to raise a family, Mike assumed the role of advocate for the treatment center where he recently helped grant scholarships to those who wish to go to rehab.

The reality star shared a photo with his wife and added a subtitle that said: ‘In the spirit of the holiday season, I would like to announce that I have partnered with @banyantreatmentcenters for some amazing holiday gifts. The first is a @banyancares t-shirt signed by his real ones. Follow the instructions below to get a chance to win. The second and most important gift is a full scholarship for the treatment of addiction. If you or a loved one are fighting addiction or mental health, complete the application to have the opportunity to receive the gift of recovery. "


Hopefully, the two will receive a bundle of joy sooner rather than later.

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