Mariah Carey confessed that "all I want for Christmas,quot; used to really "irritate her,quot;!


It may be one of the best known songs of all time and definitely the most iconic, but it turns out that Mariah Carey was not always a fan of All I Want for Christmas. During a new interview for Billboard, the singer was sincere and revealed that when she first recorded it, the melody made her feel & # 39; irritated & # 39 ;!

While looking back at the classic Christmas song and music video, Mariah began by saying that it is really "festive,quot; before admitting that there are some things she still doesn't like.

"I don't love all the shots in this video," he revealed.

He doesn't like some elements of a 90's music video, especially when he presents it, it's not that surprising.

However, what might have taken people by surprise was the fact that she also told Billboard that "Originally, I would just say,quot; All I want for Christmas is you. "It's not about the song itself, but from the voice: "Why not, can I fix this? Why didn't I do that? "

According to the singer, some parts of the song would "irritate her,quot;!

But there is no reason to be disappointed if you really love this song because it turns out that she also liked it over the years.


‘Now I just live with it and I love it. It is the first Christmas song I wrote and it makes me happy every year. When people tell me that I am part of their Christmas celebrations and that I have been part of their Christmas memories … when I meet young children and they are singing the song to me and they are, like, four years … old is the feeling most amazing ever! "Mariah told the media.

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