Marc Anthony's 120-foot yacht bursts into flames


Marc Anthony suffered a great loss last night. Reported by Page Six, the store confirmed the destruction of the singer and composer's yacht in a Miami marina. WSVN states that the singer was not present when the ship caught fire and overturned at Marina Island Gardens near Watson Island.

Fortunately, everyone aboard the ship was reported safe and sound. WSVN captured images of the ship that burst into flames. A close relative of the owner of the marina told the network that it was "sad,quot; for everyone involved, including them, the marina and the boat.

He added, "at this moment everything is under control." As previously reported, Anthony was seen on a yacht in Miami with more than a dozen women in his 20s, while next to Seaspice Brasserie and Lounge, insider information claimed the point of sale mentioned above.

Reportedly, Jennifer Lopez's 50-year-old husband ordered several bottles of champagne and dined at a variety of seafood, ribs and fresh oysters. Currently it is not known if the yacht in which he participated in April was the same one that caught fire.

A few hours before the ship caught fire, Anthony took his Instagram to announce several dates in Spain. Anthony was in the headlines once again when he attended his son Max's school concert, along with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

As previously reported, López and Marc Anthony separated in 2014 after ten years of marriage. They have two 11-year-old twins, including Max and Emme.

Since then, J-Lo passed it to the professional baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, with whom he got engaged in March this year. In September of this year, USA Today reported that Alex confirmed that many of his ex-girlfriends and wives would be invited to the ceremony. He said, "the more, the better."


Fans of the three have often pointed out their friendly ability to get along despite their divorce. A person on Twitter wrote that he was "amazing," and the children were the "true beneficiaries."

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