Liam Payne reveals what really happened between him and Harry Styles


One Direction fans know that Liam Payne and Harry Styles don't get along exactly well. Reported first by E! Online, Harry and Liam recently met at the Jingle Ball of Capital FM, and fans have been wondering what happened.

Last Thursday, Liam talked about the quasi-One Direction reunion between him and Harry during a conversation with Andy Cohen in Watch what happens live.

Liam discussed the incident in "Plead The Fifth." After he refused to answer whether he and Naomi Campbell had left or not, the star had to answer Andy's question about Harry.

According to the singer, he and Harry talked about some different things after three years of not seeing each other. The star explained that it was good to see Styles again because it had been a long time since they had joined.

As noted earlier, Harry and Liam have not kept in touch much. During a conversation with reporters from The Face Magazine earlier this month, the singer admitted that he and Harry talk to each other about all the members of One Direction.

Liam told the publication: "I talk to Louis quite often," before saying that in Harry's case, he doesn't know who he is now, since his identity has supposedly changed. Payne joked that his material was completely opposite of each other, before saying that he was the "antichrist,quot; of Styles.

In addition, Andy asked about Harry's performance on Saturday Night Live, as well as about Zayn Malik, who abruptly disappeared from the spotlight after his affair with Gigi Hadid. Harry playfully forgot Zayn's name during the segment and referred to him as Ringo Starr.

That second Zayn record doesn't help, Icarus Falls, It was not as good as his first album that included his hit song, "Pillow Talk," starring Gigi Hadid in the music video.


Performing artists and artists, for years, have been plagued with accusations of falsifying their live performances. For that reason, Cohen asked him if he had ever "synchronized his lips,quot; on stage, and Liam admitted that he had only done so once.

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