Khloe Kardashian releases new and shorter classic Bob with a wave


Has Khloe Kardashian cut her hair or is she simply wearing new bob-style wigs? It's unclear, since Khloe and his famous brothers change things with hairpieces, but Khloe has been using a new, shorter and more classic bob style, and has been photographed with a smooth and wavy design. Celebrity stylist Andrew Fitzsimons is feeling the wave this holiday season, as he recently designed Adriana Lima with a beautiful side part and long waves that remind of the old Hollywood glamor. Now, after Khloe used the straight bob that was curled up at Diddy's 50th birthday party, he took some promotional photos using Skim's Cozy Collection with the wavy bob. His fans praise the look and think that the shorter length is more flattering to the shape of his face.

Khloe has also been using her platinum blonde hair and after returning with a brunette for the KKW Fragrance Diamonds campaign, many people suggested she permanently return to a brunette. It seems that Khloe is a big fan of blond hair and has apparently kept the color longer than her sisters, who are known to have their blond moments.

You can see a photo of Khloe Kardashian's hairstyle from Diddy's 50th birthday party below.

Khloe's new photos with the wavy bob receive high praise and show the skills of Andrew Fitzsimons. He shared a message about the appearance and discussed his belief that there are many style options available to those who opt for shorter lengths.

Andrew stated the following and shared a photo of Khloe modeling the most wavy hairstyle instead of the straight appearance.

💋 Glamor bob💋 Some people think you have fewer style options the shorter you go, but I don't agree … This style is somewhere between Marilyn, Veronica Lake and a modern bob, with lots of texture .. It's the season to choose, that !! @KhloeKardashian #AndrewFitzsimonsHair @etienneortega


What do you think about Khloe Kardashian's wavy hairstyle? Do you like the shortest length in Khloe? What do you like most: the straight bob or the wavy classic Hollywood glam?

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