Iggy Azalea looks stunning in a swimsuit photo that is barely seen Photo leaving fans confused about this rumor


The mystery of the pregnant photo of Iggy Azalea continues. Iggy fans have been speculating about the possible pregnancy of the Australian rapper for a while now.

Even so, recently, the theories that the diva expects have gained even more momentum or have been suspended, depending on who you ask.

So far, the hip-hop artist has not confirmed if she is expecting a baby, but many believe that Yung Miami of City Girl, Kylie Jenner or Chris Brown's mom, Ammika Harris, has found smart ways to hide her pregnancy using old Photos where your belly is flat.

He recently posted a photo in a small red bikini, but fans think it's an old image.

A fan told the diva: “Iggy Azalea is an evil one. I don't care what they say, and their music gets tough. Still one of the toughest rappers I've heard 🤷🏽‍♂️, are you pregnant little sister?

Rumors that she will become a mother began to circulate earlier this year, and it is now widely believed that the rap star is in her sixth month.

Allegedly, Iggy has been dating rapper Playboi Carti since September 2018, when the two were seen dating.

After a while, Playboi Carti talked about his relationship with Iggy and said that when he met her, he couldn't concentrate on anything else.

It seems that things have gone well for the two rappers because, according to reports, they moved together after only two months of dating.

Earlier this year, celebrity couple fans were convinced that there could be a marriage soon, as Iggy shared a selfie on Instagram in July with a giant diamond ring on his finger.

Later in July, the star appeared in The X rate and the show host asked if she was alone.

Without going into too much detail, Iggy simply declared: "No, I am not. I am not," and pointed to his ring.

Iggy became famous when his single "Fancy,quot; came to the Billboard charts, and won a couple of Grammy nominations.

The singer continued more in her musical career with the release of her next two albums, The new classic in 2014 and In my defense in 2019


Do you think Iggy is pregnant?

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