Feel Good Friday: this week's stories that will melt your heart


Ready to say "aww!" a lot and / or desire to hug the next person you see?

Welcome to our new feature: Feel Good Friday. Every Friday, we will highlight several stories that went viral during the week, whether it is a colorblind child who sees color for the first time or a complete kindergarten class that appears to cheer on his five-year-old classmate in his adoption. .

With such negativity, we felt it was nice to take a moment to stop and savor the kindness of strangers and selfless acts that deserve so much attention and appreciation.

This week, we share the viral story of a man who gave his first-class seat to realize the "dream,quot; of an 88-year-old woman, as well as the kindergarten boy who decides to start selling cookies to make sure she mates Class could pay their lunches.

And did you know that a Forrest Gump Which actor took more than 1,000 people to Disney World as a holiday gift?

Do you know the best way to spread Christmas joy for everyone to hear? Share feel good stories how are you …

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