Emily Ratajkowski credits Julia Roberts with Inamorata Woman's new line of suits


Emily Ratajkowski is crediting Julia Roberts for Inamorata Woman's new miniskirt line. Emily made headlines for modeling the clothing line without wearing a shirt underneath and shared two photos on her Instagram page Inamorata Woman promoting the costumes. In the 90s, Julia Roberts connected with fashion designer Armani and began wearing costumes to reward shows. He wore a large suit and then another suit that combined a jacket with a miniskirt. Emily made it clear that the modern outfits promoted by Inamorata Woman are inspired by the look Julia wore.

You can see a picture of Julia Roberts at the 1991 Golden Globes wearing a striped navy suit jacket with a miniskirt. You will also notice that, like Emily Ratajkowski's line, Julia didn't wear a blouse under her jacket. Julia won the Golden Globe for Beautiful woman.

You can also watch a video clip of Julia accepting the Golden Globe when she was with Keifer Sutherland in the next video player.

Emily frequently shares photos of her Hollywood "muses,quot; and iconic inspirations for her clothing lines. Julia Roberts is in excellent company.

Emily's version of the suit has been a bit controversial. Some have stated that Julia Roberts, who wears a miniskirt and a shirtless blazer at an awards show, is different from women who wear a suit of the same type and design in the modern workplace. Emily's clothes are always praised for her beauty and design, but the most negative reviews seem to focus on her impracticability. This is often seen when Emily or Inamorata Woman promotes some of her swimsuits.

Here is a video of Emily wearing the Inamorata women's suit without a blouse underneath.

He also shared several photos of the suit with a blouse. You can see a slideshow of Emily Ratajkowski in the Inamorata women's suit with a blouse below.

What do you think of Emily's muse behind Inamorata's new line of women's suits? Are you a fan of Julia Roberts and her style?


Do you like Inamorata's line of women's suits? Do you think they are something you would use in the office or do you think they are not practical?

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