Drita D & # 39; Avanzo and her husband's house raided by the police for weapons and drugs


Drita D’Avanzo is in trouble again, except this time, not with Farrah Abraham. According to multiple reports, police arrested Drita and her husband after they discovered drugs and weapons at their home on Staten Island after a raid. Page Six says the police confirmed the news on Friday.

Police confirmed that Drita, 43, and her husband, Lee D & # 39; Avanzo, 50, were arrested on a series of serious charges, including acting in a manner harmful to a child, criminal possession of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance.

The police reportedly discovered two guns, a 9mm and 38-caliber pistol from Smith and Wesson, in addition to a large number of pills that include a scale, marijuana, anti-anxiety medications and pain relievers.

Authorities confirmed their reading of charges on Friday. However, Drita's husband, Lee, is being detained with an escape order. The Richmond County District Attorney's Office confirmed the news. As most know, Drita starred in the reality show VH1, Gangster wives, for six seasons from 2011 to 2016.

The media claims that Drita is often identified as Lee's wife, who is reportedly the leader of a criminal family. On the site's biography page, she says that Drita's husband was in prison for his second bank robbery, while she was left alone to raise two young boys, two girls.

According to his biography, Drita was born to Albanian parents with strict values ​​and rules, and did the unforgivable thing, which was to marry someone outside the community. Her husband, Lee, is an Italian man.

Earlier this year, Drita appeared in the news once again for her fight with Teen Mom's star, Farrah Abraham, whom she had threatened several times on social media.


Reportedly, Drita and Farrah started fighting after Drita apparently didn't stay long enough in an event, which angered Farrah, who then complained publicly. Drita launched a fiery Instagram post in which she stated that she did not like to hear Farrah speak ill of her after being kind to her in person.

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