Donald Trump criticizes the Christian magazine for supporting his political judgment


Donald Trump, the president of the United States, recently released a tweet in which he criticized Christian Magazine for supporting his political trial by the House of Representatives. The media presented an editorial that advocated Trump's withdrawal from the White House.

The editor-in-chief of the publication argued that Trump should be dismissed due to his "blackened moral record." You can check the president's tweet in the post below:

In his tweet, Trump suggested that the magazine had not done so well in recent years and that he had not been involved with the reverend who founded it, Billy Graham, for a long time. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Graham's son and many others turned to his assistant.

Reverend Franklin Graham, who is the head of the Evangelistic Association for his father, went to his Twitter account on Friday and said his father would be "disappointed,quot; in what the medium had become in recent years.

In addition, Graham added that his father, who died in 2018, had voted for the president. He explained that Christianity Today is a representation of the "elite of the left,quot; among evangelical Christians in the United States.

During a conversation with The Associated Press, Graham said the media does not represent those who worship the Bible in the community. Currently, the magazine sells about 130,000 magazines per year. Trump is reportedly very popular among his base, evangelical Christians.

During an interview with Galli on CNN on Friday, he stated that the magazine president's description as an extreme left-wing extremist organization was "far from precise." However, Galli, who is preparing to quit his job to retire in January next year, said he knew there was going to be an impact on Trump's comments.


As previously reported, Congress voted on both articles of political trial earlier this week, however, it still has to go to the Senate, where the president will be tried. So far, the reaction to this on social networks has been mixed: some people argued that it was clearly motivated by partisanship and others argued that it was a demonstration of the fact that democracy works.

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