Cats Movie receives terrible reviews, but Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson are proud


The movie Cats hits theaters today. The Broadway show turned into a movie is being hit by critics, but that won't prevent the stars from being proud of it.

Among the majority of the cast, he was unable to explain the plot of the film to the way the audience reacted when the trailer was released for the first time: cats will probably not be the piece that will sweep the next season of awards.

The reviewers have given some of the worst scores of human-feline production.

One of the stars that recently appeared in the headlines for other reasons states that critics do not know what they are talking about because they have never made a movie.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is supposedly satisfied with how it came out.

‘Taylor put her heart and soul to write a new song for the movie and is proud of her performance in the movie. She is honored that she has been nominated for a Golden Globes award and anything else that comes from the film is very happy with her. He had a great time and is not going to let Cats' criticism ruin what he got from working on the film. "

Also, Jennifer Hudson feels the same. The Dreamgirls actress is no stranger to musicals. She knows that no matter what the professionals say, it is up to the people to decide if the movie is worth watching.

‘She knows that she brought everything to paper and is more than happy with how the movie came out. He will not pay attention to anyone who hates because he knows that his true fans will enjoy it. "

Users of social networks have tweeted that the movie sounds so bad that it just makes them want to see it even more for what they call a "hate clock."


Do you plan to see cats?

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