Trina Braxton gets a husband, while Sister Tamar Braxton loses something that is priceless – BF David Adefeso should take this as the signal he was waiting for


It seems that Trina Braxton has been living life recently when the 45-year-old singer married her partner, Von Scales, at a ceremony in St. Louis last weekend.

Shortly before the big day, Trina and one of her younger sisters, Tamar Braxton, brought the news that the wedding was coming by sharing it on social media.

Tamar posted a video the night before the ceremony on his Instagram page and wished the couple a happy life together.

The images show some of the closest friends of the bride and groom gathered around them and toasting for the well-being of the couple.

Tamar's numerous followers appreciated the video, and many of them wrote comments congratulating Trina and Von for their love. Many said he deserved it and could not be happier for that.

Trina's marriage to Von is the second for the singer, as she lost her second husband, Gabe Solis, to cancer in 2018.

Trina and Solis married from 2003 to 2015 and share two children, Eric and Caleb.

Von, on the other hand, has three children, Cameron, Evan and Brendan, from his marriage to Amy Fitzmaurice, who is a personal trainer.

Meanwhile, it seems that the marriage ceremony was not easy because Tamar shared in her Instagram story that someone stole a ring from her finger that was of great sentimental value to her.

According to Tamar, the piece of jewelry was somehow taken during the festivities that surrounded Trina's wedding.

On Mother's Day, David Adefeso, who is Tamar's boyfriend, helped his son, Logan, with this sweet message: "A letter to mom: sometimes I answer; I don't always pick up my toys; I'm going too fast on my mini scooter although I know it drives you crazy, and I really hate fruits. ”But I want to tell you something… I like it when you hug me, I like how you laugh… it also makes me laugh, I miss you when you travel for work .. But I know that you always come back to me You are my mother and you are my friend I feel safe when I am with you and I feel happy because I know you love me And because I love you Together forever … your son and your best friend, Logan. Happy Mother's Day ✨ "


Fans say it's a signal for David to give him a new ring, an engagement ring.

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