The co-writer of all I want for Christmas is that you just want Mariah Carey to recognize her participation: "She doesn't share credit where it is due,quot;


All I Want For Christmas Is You is the number one song in the country for the first time in 25 years since its release. Little people know, Mariah Carey had help writing the timeless classic of a composer named Walter Afanasieff.

Walter collaborated with the singer in her other hits Hero and One Sweet Day before they wrote the number one Christmas song. Unfortunately, Walter claims that the victory is bittersweet due to the way Mariah has made it look like she wrote it herself.

In multiple interviews about the melody, Carey describes writing it only on his "little casio keyboard."

In addition to getting little or no recognition from the singer, Afanasieff also has a problem with her fan base, often referred to as the Lambs, whenever she mentions that she helped her with the song.

In an interview with Variety, Walter explains: & # 39; With how crazy, wonderful and miraculous this is in my life for the past 25 years, he has come to a place where it is almost bittersweet for me because of the fact that I am constantly , every year at this same time of the year having to defend myself, because many people simply do not believe that I am co-writer of the song. Mariah has been very wonderful, positive and a force of nature. She is the one who made the song a success and is amazing. But he definitely doesn't share credit where it is due. "

Walter goes on to say that he only wants to be able to talk about his participation (since he legally owns 50 percent off) without being attacked by the Lambs.

‘As a result, it has really damaged my reputation and, as a result, has left me a bittersweet taste in my mouth. Because here it is, such a wonderful and huge event for me, but my life is threatened on the Internet, because Mariah's fans accuse me of robbing him. "


What do you think of the musician's statements?

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