Tekashi's baby's mother 69, Sara Molina, hits him after the final verdict: "Think he's a prophet of God!"


As you probably know, Tekashi 69 did not go free after the test. The final sentence was 24 months in prison and five years of supervised freedom.

His baby mom, Sara Molina, jumped online and made a video in which he talked about what had happened.

As expected, he continued hitting the young rapper as you will see below:

People don't show support for Sara for a long time.

Someone said: "I knew that uploading live today was going to have its influence," and someone else referred to something Sara said in the video: "He said it was so normal,quot; that it hit me in the face. "

Another commentator said: "If he is so terrible, why don't you go on with your life and deny that it exists?"

Someone else posted this, hinting at the fact that Tekashi accused Sara of sleeping with her manager: "When she doesn't talk about the fact that Tekashi mentioned in court today that Shotti was hitting?"

Another follower wrote: ‘I pray that anyone in a dark, depressed or eager place to give up knows they are loved and believe in them! He has a plan! 🙏🏽 💙 ’

One commenter said: "If you are reading this, I wish you much health and success in 2020."

One person posted this: ‘If you don't mind, why even go to social media and advertise it? People can't do anything without publishing it 😩 ’

Someone else also hit Sara and wrote that ‘The only reason she knows her is because of him. Do you want to be known for something else besides riding a rapper's tail? I mean honestly brother. "


More fans have been wondering how his current girlfriend is, Jade these days after discovering that his boo won't launch now.

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