Phaedra Parks looks beautiful at a party with a little black dress


Phaedra Parks debuted the holiday season. He shared a photo in which he wears a beautiful tight dress at the party where he celebrates a friend's birthday.

She looks beautiful, and her fans totally agree.

‘#Holidays are for #friends who became #family 💞 @rjcapricorn since our first toast at @saks over 15 years ago I knew you were my type of #women of the same shoe size and everything! #happy #birthday #beautiful #iloveyou 😘👑🎂 # best #fiesta #this season 🥂📸: @robertector, "Phaedra captioned her photo.

A fan commented: T Aunt, you are my best friend in my head! See you laughing all the time! Happy holidays! & # 39;

Phaedra's friend said: ‘This warms my heart, thank you, my beautiful friend. Yes, we go back. I love you P.S, and we always laugh because you're funny as hell. "

Another follower posted this: Pha Phaedra parks you look absolutely beautiful, everything happens for a reason in your life. By 2020 I want nothing but much success, especially in the love life, in marriage. I hope whoever it is, I put a ring in New York. We love you, queen, you are always elegant. "

Another follower said: ‘Wow, you are raptured. You look phenomenal. Very beautiful @phaedraparks. "

Someone else posted: Santa Dear Santa, if you can bring me a beautiful lady like @phaedraparks, I would appreciate your ps. I've been a good boy this year and I don't have children. "

A follower said: pha @phaedraparks you look beautiful … I love your dress. Happy holidays for you and your family. "


Recently, Phaedra was invited to the TPG Awards, and shared some photos of the event and the party. Fans believe she looks fabulous.

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