Marlo Hampton criticizes Kenya Moore for crashing her event: "She is pure evil,quot;


‘Kenya Moore Hair Care’ is the new phrase recorded in the brains of all Kenyan fans after ‘it left with the fabulous wind. Despite how much fun it is for some fans, Marlo Hampton is still upset about the way things happened.

Earlier this year during filming, someone who attended leaked a spoiler that Marlo was having a SU wig launch party that crashed by the spinning queen.

The insider information was accurate when they said that Hampton was livid on the inside but handled it gracefully while Nene Leakes chose to leave early.

The scene was set in a recent episode and now that the cat is out of the bag, Marlo can talk about him.

When asked to choose a side between Kenya and Eva Marcille, Hampton explained: ‘He could never be on the side of Kenya because she is pure evil. She has done and said so many unpleasant things to almost every girl in this circle that surpasses everything Eva has said or done. "

She continued to confirm that she has not yet forgiven Moore for collapsing her place of business describing the terrible experience as "not great."

The businessman continued to ask: "Where is the support for a partner in business?"

This happens after Radar Online reported that Moore got warm and will be at the center of the drama.

‘Kenya is the villain again. Eva and Kenya did it during filming. Eva told Kenya she was a compulsive liar. Eva also called Kenya manipulator. Now Kenya has it for Eva. The fight of Kenya and Eva will be one of the main stories of this season on the show. "

Marlo recently offered an explanation of why Kenya acts the way it does, it's because she wants Nene's job!

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