Marc Daly and Kenya discuss a Bentley in RHOA preview – Fans think Marc is not ready for an independent woman


During the current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans are seeing the beginning of the end of Kenyan Moore's marriage with Marc Daly. In a preview for the next episode of the show, the couple again raises a discussion about how Kenya spends its money.

Kenya, Marc, Cynthia Bailey, Mike Hill and Kandi Burruss go out to dinner when Marc remembers a conversation they had about her driving a Bentley. The tension in the room is dense while friends look at Kenya and Marc while Daly scolds his wife for not letting him end.

The restaurateur brings his house and Kenya has to remind him that he is already paid.

Many viewers have already talked about the way Marc treats Kenya and this time they feel he is not ready for an independent woman like Moore. They think he wants to have control and is unsure about the fact that RHOA's personality does not need him.

‘I don't think it's bad or that she's bad. It seems that they are simply not compatible. He is alpha and she is alpha personality and that's why they don't fit well! "Said one commentator who saw the clip on a RHOA fan page.

‘Listen, it seems you don't like it, it seems like you're trying to help her and it's not working. What husband is so against everything his wife says 👀 … I need to see a conversation in which they agree something and be affectionate with each other! I just say, smh, "I noticed a fan.

Another spectator added: "She is in love with the concept of being in love; that we should all be. However, because of that, I believe that her decisions to allow these few men to come into her life have sometimes been clouded by her impulse to to be loved and in love. She stays blind to all the red flags until it's too late. It's sad that all these guys proved to be a piece of shit. #IMO I wish her the best. "


Do you think Kenia and Marc are compatible?

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